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When Inspector Lucy Jenkins dies during a police encounter, John is determined to create a time portal to bring his wife back. While he succeeds and happens to warn his love about her upcoming danger, things get difficult for him. His time travel brings chaos in the world, as his friends and hometown get affected. John needs to make decisions to save his friends and family, but can he save them all?
Delve into the adventure as you play as John, time travelling across various timelines and making choices to save people. Play across 4 episodes to know the story of the young scientist. Your choices determine the progress and intimacy with others. IT'S TIME to save the world...

Using headphones is recommended while you play the game to ensure the best experience.
The game autosaves at checkpoints. The last autosaved file can be found in 'A' section of the save menu.

The game uses content licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. The game shows license information of the contents used in each episode in its respective end credits.

The game is updated regularly with new episodes. Check regularly for updates or follow Willman Interactive on social media.
The game may contain language or scenes inappropriate for children below 12 years of age.
The license information can be found in separate documents for the respective episodes in the License Information section of the website. See below.
The images used in this website are original screenshots of the game
The Android version of the game, when or if released, may look different from the other versions due to different build. The screenshots used in the website and the trailer are based on the PC version of the game.